Ko Tainui Te Waka
We decend from our Ancestors of the Tainui Canoe

Ko Waikato Te Iwi
We are the Tribal People of Waikato

Ko Te Wherowhero Te Tangata
Beneath the mantle of Potatau Te Wherowhero


Waahi Whaanui, forming part of the wider network of the tribe of Waikato - Tainui, was established in 1983 as part of an initiative of the Tainui Maori Trust Board.

This Initiative stems from the 1983 needs resource survey "The Tainui Report", which identified poor socio-economic status of Waikato Maori. This survey suggested a central and decentralized administration to address the needs of our Maori people.

The report was transformed into a strategic plan with the formulation of management committees based around a cluster of Marae communities creating specific areas of responsibility. The aim of these committees is to care for and assist our Whanau and Hapu to participate in social and economic growth.

Waahi Whaanui became an Incorporated Charitable Trust in 1987, this provided the mechanism for Waahi Whaanui to better fulfill our responsibilities of Kaitiakitanga ensuring the protection of our natural resources and working with Central and Local Government to provide Health, Social, Education and Employment services for our Whanau and Hapu also extending to the wider community.

Waahi Whaanui Trust has maintained its spiritual and cultural identity which remains the backbone of our organization. This transcends into our philosophy of an holistic approach to service delivery, with the aim of establishing and maintaining fully integrated services.

The Trust is committed to a process of continued improvement and development to ensure that we are a highly accountable and professional orgnanisation.

Along our path, we intend to establish "Whanui" as our identifying trademark, a medium of communication, that will take us through this century and beyond.

Nau Mai Haere Mai